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November 14, 2023 / Newsletter
10th Course: “Electromagnetic fields and health – epidemiological approaches”

Erice (Sicily, Italy): April 7 to April 12, 2024

The goal of the course is to empower participants to apply epidemiological approaches with confidence. Focus of the course is on electromagnetic fields and health, for which there will be in-depth review, in sights and discussion of key aspects: from exposure assessment to potential health effects, including exposure misclassification, biological interaction and mechanisms, risk perception, planetary health, evidence synthesis and guideline development. Special attention will be given to the practical implementation of epidemiological research on electromagnetic fields and health in realistic settings. The course will be taught by renowned international experts. Participants will have plenty of opportunities to closely interact with the lecturers during the week. Participants will enjoy an intense learning experience in a unique historical environment.

Award for the best poster presentation

All participants are invited to bring a poster on their current research topic, and one session will be devoted the presentation of these posters. All posters will be introduced by a 3-minute oral presentation. A Scientific Committee will award the author of the best poster.

Only 100 seats available!

We encourage you to express your interest in participating as soon as possible, since the seat availability will be limited to 100. Detailed info about registration, abstract submission, food  and lodging in Erice, as well as on how to reach the Ettore Majorana Center will be distributed in due time and are available at

A technical digest (with ISBN code) collecting contributions of teachers and participants will be provided.


Fellowships will be offered for students from lowor middle-income countries.

Participation Fee

  • 1,200 €

The Registration fee will cover the attendance of all sessions, full board and lodging, a ‘half-day excursion’ and social dinner.


Interested candidates should send an e-mail to the Directors of the Course at, including:

  • A short Curriculum Vitae
  • Scientific interest of the candidate
  • Students: a letter of recommendation of a Senior Scientist


  • December 31, 2023

Accepted candidates will be informed by e-mail.

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