Working Group 3 (WG3)

Communication and Dissemination

Dissemination and use of the results from CLUE-H projects are a vital part of the overall success of the EMF and Health research program and to amplify the stakeholder reach envisioned by all the participating projects. The Working Group 3 “Communication and Dissemination” has thus been conceived to harmonise communication and dissemination activities of the CLUE-H projects, in order to maximise their impact. WG3 is responsible to develop the visual identity for external communication, organising common activities between the CLUE-H projects and handling offline and online communication and dissemination of the projects’ activities and results. The first step in realising the WG’s objectives is to develop the cluster`s brochure and web-portal, as well as the dissemination of the cluster’s policy briefs.

Working Group Leader

Working Group Contact Person

Dr. Anke Huss (ETAIN Coordinator)