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October 13, 2023 / Newsletter
2nd CLUE-H meeting in Heraklion 12 October 2023

The 2nd CLUE-H meeting convened in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, hosted at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) premises. The event had a primary objective of providing a comprehensive overview of CLUE-H’s progress to date. Key topics and presentations during the meeting included:

EC DG SANTE & DG RTD Representatives:

  • EU framework programs for research and innovation in Environment & Health presented by Rita Araujo.
  • A brief update on the policy regarding electromagnetic fields and Council Recommendation, presented by Alexander Gabilondo.
  • SHEER Opinion discussed by Theodoros Samaras.

CLUE-H Cluster Highlights:

  • An overview was presented by SEAWave’s Theodoros Samaras.

CLUE-H Project Highlights:

  • NextGEM presented by Nikolaos Petroulakis.
  • GOLIAT discussed by Mònica Guxens.
  • ETAIN overviewed by Anke Huss.
  • SEAWave highlighted by Theodoros Samaras.

Working Group Sessions:

  1. WG1 – Science translation for policy and practice, led by SEAWave.
  2. WG2 – Data management and exchange, led by NextGEM.
  3. WG3 – Communication and Dissemination, led by ETAIN.
  4. WG4 – Experimental studies, led by NextGEM.
  5. WG5 – Exposure assessment, jointly led by GOLIAT and SEAWave.

Following these key sessions, several research scientists presented their findings:

  • Gemma Castaño from GOLIAT shared insights on the use of communication devices among young people from a multicountry survey.
  • Brahim Selmaoui, also from GOLIAT, discussed the impact of 3.5 GHz 5G signals on electrical brain activity in healthy volunteers, presenting a controlled randomized study within environmental levels.
  • Mariateresa Allocca from NextGEM characterized a reverberation chamber-based 5G in vitro exposure system from a biological perspective.
  • Erdal Korkmaz, also from NextGEM, presented instruments and emulating environments for 5G RF-EMF.
  • Pieterjan De Boose from ETAIN focused on the numerical quantification of RF-EMF exposure of insects.
  • Nekane Sandoval Diez, also from ETAIN, discussed the development of an open-access smartphone application for RF-EMF exposure assessment, providing an app description and pilot results.
  • Serge Bories and Taghrid Mazloum from SEAWave introduced the DEVIN device.
  • Christoph Böhmert, also from SEAWave, presented studies on 5G perception.

The meeting served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among experts and researchers in the field of electromagnetic fields and human health, contributing to the ongoing progress of the CLUE-H initiative.